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In ancient times, tea was initially considered a health drink, almost a medicine and has today become the most popular beverage next to water.

Many studies done over the years and are been done have confirmed drinking tea soothes stress as it is an inherently relaxing beverage. While studies are still being conducted on the beneficial health aspects of tea drinking there are ever growing positive findings.

Tea is rich in anti-oxidants and catechins present more in green and white tea.  These antioxidants are considered to reduce the risk of most degenerative diseases such as heart illnesses, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, cancer whilst providing good oral health. It is also considered a good relaxant giving a feeling of being “refreshed’. 
It provides a better quality of life to the elderly. 

Even  10 cups of tea a day is not considered harmful.   

Health benefits

 Flavonoids in green and black teas reduce the risk of many diseases such as strokes, cancer and diabetes.
 Catechin in green tea, and flaccins and rubigins in black tea inhibit lipid oxidation and plaque formation that can lead to heart disease.
 Polyphenols in green tea can neutralise carcinogens thus reducing risk of cancer.
 Tea also increases the activity of detoxifying enzymes naturally present in the human body.
 Polyphenols in tea inhibit alpha amylase activity and cause reduction of blood glucose.
 Tea through polyphenols inhibit action of Free Radicals and contribute to elderly persons  having a better quality of life.
 Fluoride and polyphenols in tea helps reduce tooth decay and growth of harmful  microorganisms in the mouth.

L-thianine in tea stimulates the brain and gives a relaxed sensation.

Therefore enjoying a cup of green or black tea will help in destressing, , stimulate action on the immune system, has a potent  anti-bacterial and anti-viral effect. 

How much?
Two cups of tea is believed to contain the nutritional equivalent of 5 portions of fruit. Five to ten cups a day are recommended if unusual health conditions do not dictate otherwise.