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Gulfood 2017

Gulfood 2017


Gulfood 2017

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Battler brand came into the market nearly 20 years ago which was conceptualised to show the strength in the cup that this range of tea provides.The prominent identification is the globally known "Gentle Giant" Elephant of Sri Lanka depicting both the calmness of character and inner strength which has been captured in this tea range.    All components of these blends are specially selected for their colour, strong brew with a pleasant malty taste, taking milk well.   There are over 80 varieties of Battler brand tea in "loose" form in attractively printed tins and boxes as well as in double chambered tea bags with string and tag with and without outer individual printed envelope cover. 

Tealia brings you the finest tea blends from around the world. Each ingredient is hand selected to create teas that are both delicious and beautiful, as you watch them brew. From our classic Ceylon Black Tea to our whimsical Raspberry Truffle, we believe a simple cup of tea is the first step in a sweet journey of relaxation. We invite you to be pleasantly surprised as you experience Tealia.  Tealia Teas

Due to increasing inquiries a new range was introduced into the Battler Tea Family under the range known as Battler Original. This range consists of fragrant Black Tea, refreshing Green Tea, in it's natural form as well as a delightful selection of spice, flower and fruit flavours including 3 herbals,  packed into 2.0g and 1.5g double chambered bags with individual printed overwrapped/enveloped teabags to preserve the flavor and aroma even more to ensure  a rich smooth taste.Battler Original